Xamarin Studio and SharpDevelop(#develop) – First View

Xamarin (Software company created in May 2011) Studio is an IDE with many features for creating iOS, Mac, Android and Windows applications. It includes a rich editor, debugging, native platform integration with iOS, Mac, Android and Windows apps and integrated source control to name just of few of its many features.

Xamarin has over 505,000 developers in more than 120 countries around the world as of February 2014.


SharpDevelop is free and lightweight alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio.

Connect Linux machines from Mac via SSH.

Mac users choose to run Linux as a virtual machine on VMWare, Parallels, Virtual Box and Qemu. However, sometimes you might want to run a Linux-based application without having to jump through virtuals. Using a SSH tool called X over SSH2, you can graphically load remote Linux apps and use them right on your Mac. You will need to install X on mac and SSH on linux (for ubuntu you can easy type from Terminal “sudo apt-get install ssh”.

After all installations type on Mac Terminal “ssh Username@IPAddress –X.

Replace “Username” with your username on your Linux machine, and replace “IPAddress” with the address.

To launch a program, simply type the name of the program into Terminal on your Mac.

Windows Xp HyperTerminal for Window 7 and up

There are lots of telnet clients for your connections to cisco devices. Like Putty, Bitvise Tunnelier (Putty Website) (Comparison of SSH Clients) or you can use HyperTerminal if you are still using Windows Xp. If you are using any version of Linux you will be able to install over Console (Terminal) easily. For Ubuntu you can use “sudo apt-get install minicom”.

If you still want to use Windows Xp HyperTerminal ( on Windows 7, Windows 8…), you can download the files from below link:

Download HyperTerminal


After you download, extract the files.